NEIL CHAMBERS Psychotherapist

I provide psychotherapy to adult individuals who are struggling with the demands of life. These can be current issues that seem overwhelming, issues from past unresolved relationships, trauma, or problematic mood states, such as anxiety or depression, that are affecting your well being.

Psychotherapy is a unique, individual journey for each client
My approach (see Therapeutic Orientation) is to treat you as a whole person rather than focus on a symptom or a label. Every client, indeed every human, is unique and while many of us struggle with similar challenges and adopt similar coping mechanisms, I work very hard to understand where you are and how you have arrived at this point in your life.

I see psychotherapy as an emotional and thoughtful journey, with the client in the lead and the psychotherapist as the travelling companion. Through my training I may have a better lay of the land and can help you avoid pitfalls or at least understand them, while you always remain the expert on your own life. Jointly we can piece together your own narrative and examine crucial turning points and roadblocks. For me psychotherapy is NOT about giving advice. It is crucial that you find within yourself, with help, the answers that are right for you.

Given the complexity of psychological issues, I have chosen to focus on individual therapy. I do work with many clients who are having relationship issues and some who are struggling with parenting issues, but I work with them as individuals.

Neil Chambers