NEIL CHAMBERS Psychotherapist
Understanding Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a very general term that covers a wide range of techniques that are aimed at improving the quality of life of an individual or couple or family. People come into psychotherapy for a variety of reasons:

  • In some cases they have been struggling with what seems like a lifelong enemy, whether that is depression, anxiety, food or something else, and want to move beyond this battle to begin to live full lives;
  • In others they have been managing well, but some life crisis has triggered a vulnerability and they feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward;
  • In still others, individuals enter therapy because they have a sense that something important is missing. They are not necessarily unhappy, but they don’t feel fulfilled or actualized or they are lonely and they want to work towards a greater sense of authenticity and vitality.

In all of these cases, psychotherapy offers the opportunity to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable, caring and neutral other who can help you to discover other aspects of yourself, other options, inconsistencies in your life, and underlying meaning that may have been obscured by time or fear.

Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship with a knowledgeable, caring, neutral other

If you have not been exposed to psychotherapy before, it can be a daunting thought... coming into a room with a stranger and talking about things that are bothering you sometimes so much that you have not talked to anyone about them. Be assured that there will be no pressure to talk about anything. You are always free not to answer a question and wait until you feel ready to discuss whatever is on your mind. I encourage you to come to a few sessions to see if your needs can be met. If you do find you are not comfortable working with me, and that can happen, I will be happy to refer you to another qualified professional. In some cases I may decide that the issues you bring might be better dealt with by a therapist with a different training or in a more specialised therapy, in which case I will also provide you with a suitable referral.